Parent FAQ

Can I make a reservation for the nursery to ensure a spot for my infant?

Reservations may be made for infants 17 months and under, however in consideration of other families needing service, if an infant does not arrive by their reserved time that time slot will be released to another family. Families who fail to cancel a reservation 24 hours in advance are at risk of losing the ability to make reservations and will be on a drop-in basis only.

My child is not used to being away from me. What do you do if he/she is having trouble with the new surroundings?

We are accustomed to helping children transition to a new place. Our staff is sensitive to the needs of each child visiting; whether it is their first visit or they are having a challenging day. Children who struggle with separation anxiety will be offered hugs and reassurance. We consider ourselves experts at helping a child redirect their attention to something that interests them. It may take a few minutes, but most children settle in quickly and are on their way to a new adventure in no time.

Do I need to make an appointment?

No appointment necessary, but we do accept reservations if you want to be sure to have a spot open for your child. Reservations will not be held beyond the reserved time. If you are concerned about your child transitioning into the playcare, you are welcome to call your playcare to find out what are the best times to come when it may not be as busy.

Can I stay with my child?

The playcares are designed to allow for easy observation from the front reception. You are welcome to view from the observation windows. Even our changing station is designed to provide discretion, but also visibility from the observation windows and main floor. You may stay for a few minutes, but keep in mind your child may interpret this as a “play date” and it could result in a more difficult separation for him/her when you leave. Parents who wish to stay for an extended period will be asked to undergo a DFPS criminal background check for security purposes. Feel free to call and check on your child anytime. If we miss your call it is because we are serving another client. We check voicemail regularly and will return your call.

What do I need to bring if my child is in diapers?

Provide spare diapers and at least 1 change of clothes with a plastic bag that seals for soiled garments.

What if my child is potty training?

We are happy to help your child transition to the potty. We maintain a potty training record for each visit and will take them to the potty every 2 hours or less as needed. Bring pull ups and at least 1 change of clothes with a plastic bag that seals for soiled garments. They are “training” after all, and despite our reminders children will sometimes be preoccupied playing and forget to let us know they need to potty.

Does my child need to wear socks?

Although socks are permitted, we find that without socks children are less likely to slip on the floors and prefer that they are not worn. Children’s shoes are not permitted beyond the interior door. You may leave your child’s socks and shoes in the cubbies at the front reception, or keep them with you.

Can my child bring their cell phone in to the play area?

No, we ask that cell phones be left with their parent/guardian. If you would like to check in with your child, we are happy to provide our phone so that they may speak to you when you call. State licensing limits screen time to 2 hours per visit. We offer Kindles for Kids on a scheduled basis as well as Wii Dance and movies.

Can my child bring their favorite toy, game or video?

For safety reasons, we ask that children do not bring toys from home. Games or videos that we have not screened will not be allowed in the playcare.

Should I provide a snack?

We serve complimentary snacks of cheerios or animal crackers with water in between meal times. You are welcome to send a snack. Please do not send any peanut products.

My child has food allergies. What should I do about meals?

Food allergies must be documented when you enroll your child. Please be specific as to what foods your child is allergic to. We also provide a column on our Meal Preference list at the time of check-in for you to notate allergies. A child with food allergies will be identified with a special Allergy Alert bracelet, as well as a sticker next to their name tag that identifies their allergies. Please provide snacks and meals for your child if they are not to eat food we provide. Their tag will be marked “HOME FOOD ONLY!”.