playing with blocks

Play With Purpose At Wanna Play's Child Care

We have created a "play with purpose" atmosphere where children are encouraged to explore, experiment and socialize. The play areas have been designed for flexible use to allow for adult-guided and child-led play with multi-aged groups, as well as age specific and developmentally appropriate activities.

Playtime in our Playcare centers include activities such as building with woodblocks, sports and yoga, acting and roleplaying, arts and crafts, board and video games, and story time. When you leave your child to play at Wanna Play, your child will be in an atmosphere the encourages learning and exploration.

Our Nursery for infants (6 weeks to 17 months of age) additionally includes playtime for enrichment and early development. Our nursery toys, puzzles, and activities are selected specifically for each developmental stage of infancy. We're much more than a day care - we're a Playcare.

We are constantly researching award winning toys, and unique "learn through play" products to offer an out-of-the-ordinary experience with lasting appeal.