What’s In A Wanna Play

kids learn while building


Whether it is building with the Imagination Playground life-size blocks, collaborating at the Magnetic Wall, working collectively with our huge woodblock sets or an assortment of table top manipulatives, children learn about cause and effect, experiment with symmetry, and develop spatial skills.

day care sports


Our Indoor Ballroom equipped with sport flooring and basketball hoop, provides space for kids to do what comes naturally, move and bounce! Children can shoot some hoops, work on their dance moves with Wii Dance, and try out some Yoga poses.



Our Create area offers children space to get messy. We have daily art activities providing a chance to use different materials such as paint, clay, paper, and ways to develop fine motor skills with cutting and gluing. Sensory play is available for younger children through activities such as shaving cream, playdough, and gel filled bags. This is also where we carry out science experiments.



Our Imagine area sets the stage for dramatic play, and offers children ways to develop communication and collaborative skills. Some areas are themed and provide children the opportunity to act out specific roles. Others offer props, furniture and space for flexible play with things that can be used in more than one way.

connect with wanna play playcare


Our multi-purpose Theater and Video Game room allows children 5 years and up to connect through multi-user Wii games, and board games. Children 2 years and up can sing along to their favorite movies, scheduled twice daily.

read with children


Adult-led story time is scheduled throughout the day, but we also encourage children to read to one another in our Book Nook or just about anywhere a group of interested listeners forms!

childcare nursery


The Nursery is fully equipped for children 6 weeks to 17 months. We have toys, puzzles and activities for each developmental stage of an infant. Feeding and napping is provided on demand according to each infant’s need.

daycare security check-in


The entrance to the playcare is secured by electronic access. Our touchscreen monitor provides a convenient way for parents to check their children in and out of day care using a personal code or biometric fingerprint, make a payment or check their balance. Children will only be released to individuals authorized in advance to pick them up. Authorized pick-up persons who do not have may check out a child using our biometric fingerprint system or by providing Photo ID. Surveillance cameras are positioned throughout the center, providing 24 hour visual accessibility for management.